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CIO Colorado Idea Submission:
After you have registed as a user on the CIO Colorado web-site using the online Registration form located HERE , you can utilize the CIO Colorado Idea Submission Form HERE, (which will appear in the drop down menu under Ideas above and marked "Idea Submission Form" after you login as a user).   With this electronic submission form, you will be able to submit your Economic Development Reform idea to CIO Colorado.  Your submissions will be included in a larger submission database that will be voted on by the CIO Colorado Council, it's Advisors, as well as CIO Colorado Small Business Members.  
Crowd Source Voting:
In addition, through a special "crowd sourcing voting feature" we will have on the web-site, it will be possible for the public at large to vote on the submitted ideas.  Information on Idea Submission Voting will be provided in December 2010 on the web site prior to the completion of the final CIO Colorado Economic Development Report.
CIO Colorado will then post the top 10 best ideas for each category on the site (after the voting is completed) on their own individual Innovation Initiative Pages which will be included in a final Economic Development Reform Recommendations Report that will be providing to the incoming State Legislature in January as well as to the new Hickenlooper administration.  This will be a great way for you (or your company) to gain public relations notice as an innovator in Colorado.
You must register as a CIO Colorado Web User to Submit Ideas to us:
In order to submit an idea to CIO Colorado, you must be a registered user on our site.  Go HERE to complete your registration.  When you log back into the CIO Colorado site successfully, you will "See" the "Idea Submission Form" menu link, and the "Previously Submitted Ideas" menu link appear under the Ideas Main menu.
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