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Welcome to CIO Colorado!

We are a group of Colorado citizens who seek to support a ‘turn around’ of our State’s economy through the formation of new businesses and creation of new jobs by utilizing Colorado's Citizens and Small Businesses as it's central source of Innovation.
That's why we named it "CIO" for "Chief Innovation Office"

It is necessary to make major changes in how economic development activities are conducted in this State and in making the State the superior location to form a new business.

CIO Colorado will be focused on and led by small business because small businesses are historically the largest single source of new jobs.

With the election of John Hickenlooper as our next governor, we have about 60 days to solicit and develop economic development initiatives and submit them to Governor-elect Hickenlooper and the Colorado legislature for adoption.

We cannot simply outsource responsibility for economic development to local, state and federal government agencies, but must also implement economic development action within the private sector.

We are looking for new and old initiatives that will encourage the formation of new businesses and improve the probability of their success. These initiatives will be vetted by small businesses, experts in economic development and the public.

The elections are over, now our job begins !
Use the "Quick Links" Menu on the left hand side of the web-site to learn more about CIO Colorado, identify ways that you can participate, and to be able to register as a user on our site and dive in and support these citizen-led grassroots Initiatives for Economic Development Reform for Colorado.

Join us!


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